Italian L2 courses

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Italian language course: who is it for

  • Foreign students enrolled in a full degree course at Roma Tre University (not enrolled in single courses)
  • Foreign students in Erasmus at Roma Tre University or exchange students in bilateral agreements at Roma Tre University
  • Foreign citizens enrolled in PhD programs or doctoral schools at Roma Tre University
  • Foreign citizens enrolled in a Master’s program at Roma Tre University, research fellows, researchers, visiting professors, lettori di scambio who work for the University Roma Tre
  • Recipients of an Italian Government grant (e.g. from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs MAECI) who intend to follow an Italian language and culture course.

Italian language course: how much does it cost

The 1st semester September pre-course on-line level A1/A1+ and the Link identifier #identifier__110101-21st Semester – February intensive Italian course – A2 level are free.

The other courses are also free for students enrolled in a degree program or Doctorate degree program at Roma Tre.

For foreign Erasmus students or those in bilateral exchange programs the first course is free (even if you have already attended the September pre course); a next level course costs € 100.

Courses are not free for those enrolled in masters, fellowships, Roma Tre researchers or visiting professors, exchange university lecturers, MAECI scholarship winners for Italian language and culture, etc (€ 100).

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The Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (University Language Centre CLA) offers the following Italian courses:

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